"Effektiv restitusjon etter trening og optimale resultater"

"Effektiv restitusjon etter trening og optimale resultater"


I am active all day and will train approximately 6 days per week, so I need a product that will assist in my muscle growth and more importantly my recovery. I believe that the line of Seagarden protein powder and collagen powder products have assisted me with that. 

I always wanted a lean, high-protein powder that was natural, low carb and low calorie, and did not contain anything artificial.  After using Seagarden protein and collagen powder I have noticed that my muscles are less fatigued after heavy and intense workouts. This allows me to train at a higher intensity each day, therefore assisting me in making more fitness gains. 

Both powders completely dissolve in water, Seagarden protein powder is pure and 100% natural, this makes it simple, healthy and delicious to add more protein and collagen to your everyday foods and diet.


Gosia Morawska (42 år) – personlig trener og sports-massasjeterapeut, Haugesund Aerobic & Treningssenter


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